Walls & Pillars

Walls Hartland, WI

No landscape is complete without hardscape features and these installations add to the solidity and integrity of the landscape. When a landscape is being planned, our designers take into account the contours of the land features to be installed there and whether the available space is leveled properly or not. Hardscaping includes a number of different features including walls and pillars.

Types of Outdoor Walls We Install

When we are constructing outdoor pillars or walls care is taken to use the best weather-resistant materials and skilled hardscaping experts handle the job. This ensures the features last for a long time and stay looking good for a number of years. Here is a detailed look at the different types of walls and pillars we design and install:

  • Retaining Walls - These are segmental block walls which are primarily built to provide support to the landscape. There are a number of different retaining wall systems to choose from and these are available in a variety of styles and designs as well. If required, we can also incorporate built-in seating or planter spaces in these walls.

  • Small Walls - We can also build small retaining walls in multi-leveled landscapes and Lannonstone walls and steps in areas that need to be connected at different levels.

  • Low-Height Garden Walls - There are times when you may want a slightly elevated flowerbed or lawn space; a low height wall positioned and built in the right manner can help create the perfect spot for these installations.

Custom Garden Wall Design

When we design for retaining walls and stone pillars, the focus is on creating features that will be solid and durable, functional yet aesthetically appealing. This involves making sure that the materials and stylings of the features we build complement the appearance of your landscape.

If you are looking for wall installation solutions, Grandiflora Landscaping Inc. is the company to come to. We handle every aspect of these projects and make sure you get high quality solutions at a very competitive wall construction cost. For any more information about our services feel free to contact us at 262-370-3985. You can also send us your project details via this Online Form and one of our experts will contact you shortly.