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Landscape Services Hartland, WI

We at Grandiflora Landscaping Inc. are a full-service landscaping company that has been serving southeast Wisconsin for over 40 years. The range of services we offer include:

Landscape Design

Designing a landscape isn’t something you can entrust to a novice. It takes skill, knowledge, and creativity to create landscape designs that will meet the needs of our clients, create spaces that will be functional and attractive. A well-designed landscape will have various features in the right proportion, weather-resistant materials, and styling that will complement the design and theme of the overall property and the structure built on it. We provide customized landscape design solutions that are right in line with your needs.

Landscape Installation

Once the landscape planning and design have been done, we also handle all the installation work expertly. Care is taken to ensure that all the features are installed using the right techniques and equipment. We follow the designs to the tee and install everything from plantings and trees to pavers, retaining walls, concrete features, and more. Expert landscape installers handle this job and this ensures the stability and longevity of the landscape.

Patios & Walks

Most residential properties have patios. These features are an extension of the indoor areas of your home and they add expansiveness to the living areas, but allow you to enjoy the greenery and openness of your yard as well. In short, a patio is a transitional space that needs to be designed keeping in mind the architectural styling of your home as well as the features in your landscape. We also design paver walkways that can be used to navigate through the landscape. They are the best way to access various areas of the yard without damaging the flower beds and lawns.

Arbors & Pergolas

Most property owners want to ensure that the outdoor spaces of their property look unique and appealing. This is where arbors and pergolas come into the picture. These features are a great addition to your landscape. They provide semi-shaded spaces that can be used even when the sun is shining down. You can choose to get this handcrafted feature for any area of your property. Cedar pergolas are very popular and most homeowners request for these features to be built on their property. An arbor adds to the beauty of your landscape and we can custom design and build this element.

Walls & Pillars

Some landscapes require wall constructions. We have the expertise to design & build retaining walls, small garden walls, walls with planters and built-in seating as well as steps and walls for various areas of your landscape. All these elements add to the resilience and longevity as well as the stability of your yard and lend these outdoor spaces a very structured look.

Fire Pits

We have the expertise and skill to design and install outdoor fire pits for our customers. These features are generally built using segmental blocks but we can also construct them with natural stone. A fire pit is a great addition to your yard and it allows you to use the outdoor areas of your property even when there is a nip in the air. We handle the entire design and build of your outdoor fireplace and ensure the design and styling blends in seamlessly with the styling of your overall landscape. This compact feature can be installed in any area of your yard including on a patio or deck.

Retaining Walls

We have an impressive line of segmental block retaining walls. With a number of different retaining wall systems to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits your requirements and budget.


Pavers are very popular materials that are widely used in most landscaping projects. We carry a wide range of interlocking concrete pavers that are ideal for any part of your landscape such as patios and decks, driveways, walkways, pathways, fireplace and fire pit zones, outdoor kitchens and more. You will find that there are a large number of designs and colors, shapes, sizes and patterns to choose from. This helps you create a very unique look on your property. We also have a very good collection of clay pavers if you prefer a more classic look in your landscape.

If you are looking for excellent start-to-end landscaping solutions, Grandiflora Landscaping Inc. is the company to come to. We handle every aspect of these projects and make sure you get high-quality solutions at a very competitive landscaping cost. For any more information about our services feel free to contact us at 262-370-3985. You can also send us your project details via this Online Form and one of our experts will contact you shortly.